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Submitted on
August 13, 2009
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writer's block. by patronus4000 writer's block. by patronus4000
June 2009.

This concrete poem was created for my Writer's Craft summative assignment. I was working on a "square" concrete poem (which, well, was about being "square"), but I couldn't come up with what to write halfway through. So, the square went 3D, and this was born.

Collaborative effort between Notepad, Adobe InDesign and Acrobat Reader, and the GIMP.

[ EDIT | 15aug2009 ]: Wow, thank you everyone so much for reading this poem and adding it to your collections/favourites. I will try to get to every comment, because I appreciate them all, but it might take a while for me to get to them. I'm not sure if I'm able to get to thank you all individually for +fav-ing this, but please know that you have my deepest gratitude. <3

[ EDIT | 19aug2009 ]: O.O THANK YOU FOR THE DAILY DEVIATION! -faints- icantbelieveigotadailydeviationwhileiwasinactivehere(nowijustfeelbadforbeingawaysolong>.<) Thank you. I still can't believe this piece has touched so many people.
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Given 2009-09-12
writer's block. by ~patronus4000 ( Featured by StJoan )
melissasnark Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
May I ask about licensing rights to this for use on a blog post?  It's already in use all over the web but I haven't been able to find permissions or fee information anywhere.

Thank you!
Relic-Angel Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I punch that writer's block out of frustration? XD
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